Mini Garden, Set of 3


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Ship throughout US, Install in OH, IN, KY
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Our Mini Gardens for the natural playground allow children to access all sides of the garden to plant seeds, pull weeds and water the plants without actually stepping into the garden. The young plants will also be protected from runaway balls and riding toys. This natural play equipment allows the children to dig, plant, nurture and harvest a variety of plants. This garden is the perfect size for planting some flowers by the front door or planting vegetables that the children can grow and eat for a healthy snack.

The Mini Gardens are open at the bottom to allow the plant roots to grow down into the earth and earth worms to travel up into the plant’s soil. This will help plants grow up healthy and strong.

Please note:

  • Soil and plants are not included.



24" diameter x 7" H each


Maintenance-Free Plastic